lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Mark Laita "Created equal"


Ballerina, Carrie Lee Riggins, New York, New York, November 6, 2002 / Boxer, Aderivaldo dos Santos, Los Angeles, California, September 12, 1999.
Ed. 6/20
Fotografía b/n sobre papel fotográfico montada en aluminio
50,8x 82,6cm. Díptico

Police Officer/ Gang Member Catholic Nuns / Prostitutes
Country Fair/ Cajun Man Police officer/ pimps
Beauty salon costumer/Man with Curlers Bikers/Altar Boys
Beauty Pegenant contestant/topless dancer Cowboy/ Indian
Polygamist with wives/pimp with prostitutes Female Bodybuilder/Drag Qeen
Boom Boxb/ Sunbather Amish teenagers/Punk teenagers
Baptist churchgoer/white supremacist Mariachis/Elvis impresonators
Ballerina/Boxer Northerns/Nudists
Marine/War Beteran poor couple/Philantropist
Air Trafic Contoller/Juggler Astronaut /Alien Abducte
Auto Mechanic/Etiquette consultan Barbeque chef/truk stop waitress
Barber/Hairdresser Bodybuilder/Amish farmer
Coal miners/Male exotic dancers College graduate/Dropout
cowboys/leather boys Dominatrix /housewife
Drug Dealer/Drug Adict Fortune Teller/Executioner
French Chef/ Short order cook Lingerie model/woman in girdle
Pregnant/Grandmother rock band/ polka band
showgirl/ librarian sheep farmers soon/ ice fisherman

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